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Tjoklits & Trane

“Tjoklits en Trane” is the title of my very funny one-man show. It tells the story of Gert Van Breda Janse van Vuuren’s journey from a hopeful batchelor to a married husband and father. Along the way you’ll meet fascinatiing characters like Jackie Niemand – with whom nobody will get anywhere, the four heavyweights in the Fairlane, the guy with the finger as thick as a salami and of course Nellie - Petronella Johanna Jacoba Gertruida Janse van Vuuren…

The show is suited to all ages and is defenitely children friendly. It is ideal for a fundraiser or just for a good old “kuier”. Contact Leon at 082 459 6748 or email your enquiry to

Music from the show is availble on cd.

Listen to some clips from the Tjoklits en Trane CD:

Tjolits en Trane is available in all good music shops.

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